Previous versions of DALI64 firmware V2.1.5.0 download here

Once downloaded use Light Touch App to update the firmware

You can find the latest version of Light Touch on the Google Play Store

In Release V2.1.5.0

  • Modbus
    • Improved the turn-around time when responding to Modbus queries.
    • Fixed an issue where reading some registers for groups without an application controller would generate an error identified by flashing red LED.
  • Modbus & Sylk
    • Changed the way changes to the light level setpoint would be applied so that they take effect immediately.

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where occupancy could stop working when absence recovery timer is disabled.
    • Improved light regulation to help achieve setpoint quicker under certain circumstances
    • Improved the discovery of some DALI devices, including DLS4IM
    • Improved discovery where 0 gears and devices are found, seen mainly when DALI devices are added or removed in a live system.
    • Cyber security improvements