How Ex-Or is making light work in Warehouses

Large open warehouses with high ceilings mean high
energy costs. Ex-Or’s LightSpot range includes sensors that are optimised for peak performance in these spaces. With performance optics and user defined daylight linking, they save energy by ensuring lights are never left burning needlessly in vacant areas or where there’s already enough natural light.
The range covers mounting heights from 2.5m to 16m in recessed and surface mounts, every eventuality in the space is catered for.
The Mid-Bay LightSpot sensor is engineered to deliver optimum presence detection for areas with a mounting height of 8m-12m. The Hi-Bay LightSpot sensor is suited to mounting heights of 12m – 16m.

Perfect for Warehouses is the LightSpot range.​

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Ex-Or can save money and energy in many Industrial and utility environments.See more examples in our case studies section.​

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