MLS Intelligent Lighting Control Modules

Designed to save energy, time and money

Ex-Or offers both Hard Wired (4 channel or 8 channel) and Pluggable (6 channel) Intelligent Lighting Control Modules (LCMs). They are designed to provide flexible lighting control solutions, that save energy, time and money in a wide range of applications.

Fast and Easy Installation

  • Colour-coded plug​gable connections for simple installation
  • Quicker and simpler programming of sophisticated lighting control schemes
  • Easy programming and recall of lighting scenes
  • Partitioning mode - ideal for flexible use spaces
  • Soft re-mapping of detectors, switches and luminaires
  • Maintained live disconnect for emergency lighting test mode

Optimal Energy Savings

  • Achieve optimal energy savings through occupancy detection and daylight detection
  • Multiple independently controllable switching and dimming luminaire outputs
  • Multiple SELV occupancy detector and volt free switch inputs
  • Signal level volt-free output (8 channel variant)

Future-proof Solution

  • Factory-fit or field upgradeable to add dimming,
  • MLS Bus and EnOcean wireless, battery-less communications
  • Greater flexibility as settings can be ‘soft’ adjusted without major disruption

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Ex-Or lighting control modules fit perfectly in a modern building design and give ultimate flexibility.

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