How Ex-Or is making light work in Offices

Our sensors provide comfort and safety for a productive working environment, and drive significant energy efficiencies.

​The MLS system from Ex-Or provides advanced building-wide light control with the flexibility to soft reconfigure the network from a central control point and interface to BMS systems for a holistic energy and comfort solution. The benefits for offices include:


Installation is straightforward and uncomplicated. There are no pre-addressed components, so time is not wasted matching equipment with location. The wide choice of detector types ensures that all areas of a building can be included and the system can be expanded to cover tens of thousands of detectors.


The MLS system is both flexible and scalable enabling the simple reconfiguration or upgrading of the system after installation

Emergency Test solution

The MLS Emergency Lighting Test and System Controller automates and simplifies the testing of emergency lighting systems. Designed to operate with industry standard DALI Emergency Luminaires and Signs, it offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting features. In addition, the system provides central management of the MLS Lighting Control Network and interfaces to Building Management Systems via BACnet.

The MLS system from Ex-Or delivers comfort and enchances productivity in offices.

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Ex-Or has helped many healthcare customers save money and energy. Southampton university hospital is one such example.​

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