Corridors, Staircases and Lobby Areas

Ex-Or are specialists in illuminating connecting spaces efficiently without compromising safety or comfort

First Impressions

Corridors, staircases and lobby areas are often the last to be considered but it should be remembered that these entry points are a visitor’s first experience of the premises. The right lighting sets the tone for the whole building so you need a control solution that blends energy saving with safety and comfort.

Good Coverage

A long corridor, with multiple access points, needs to be illuminated accurately and consistently regardless of the entry point or the ambient conditions, ensuring that there is complete coverage. Ex-Or pay special attention to the shape of the corridor and may, if required, utilise multiple sensors to operate together.

Seamless Control​​

Whenever possible, it is preferred to walk into an already illuminated space. Moving from one environment to the other, from a lift into a lobby for example, should be seamless. Ex-Or can tailor their solution so that lights are triggered just before someone enters an area. Alternatively, with dimmable luminaires and the right controls, the lighting can be brought from a set-back level to the entry scene.

Corridor Hold

Intelligent lighting control systems have the ability to offer corridor hold. Ideally exit or entrance routes are illuminated as a result of occupancy in adjacent areas.

Daylight Harvesting

Whenever corridors benefit from ambient daylight, the use of an occupancy sensor with a built-in photocell to switch off, hold off, or regulate the luminaires should be considered.

Key Considerations and Application Notes

  • All entry points are covered and there is complete coverage.
  • Using ‘corridor hold’ to link illumination levels to occupancy in adjacent areas
  • Whether lights should be off or at a set-back level when unoccupied.
  • Availability of natural light – switch off, hold off or regulate the luminaires accordingly.

Having the right sensor is paramount. Find our more and view Ex-Or’s wide range of sensors.

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