MLS Connect Digital

The Ex-Or MLS Connect Digital family of Intelligent Lighting Control Modules provides flexible lighting control solutions that save energy, time and money in a diverse range of applications. Sophisticated yet simple to implement control of lights can be provided at both at room level and as part of an MLS Digital building-wide managed lighting system incorporating BACnet BMS linking and automated testing of emergency lighting.
There are two basic types of MLS Connect Digital LCM: Hard Wired or Pluggable. Hard Wired LCMs are available in 4-channel or 8-channel versions. The Pluggable LCM offers 6-channel control and is particularly useful for installing above false suspended grid ceilings.
Features & Benefits
  • Quicker and easier installation for time and cost savings
  • Pluggable variants enable elimination of wiring faults and pre-wiring of luminaires
  • Increased flexibility as luminaires and detectors can be changed or repositioned without major disruption
  • Fully programmable switch inputs may be configured to control lighting loads as desired.
  • Multiple dimming options:
    • DALI
    • DSI
    • 1-10V
  • 16A Load capacity
  • 6A Per channel switching capacity
Advance Features
  • Easy programming and recall of lighting scenes
  • Partitioning mode - ideal for flexible-use spaces
  • Soft re-mapping of detectors, switches and luminaires
  • Maintained live disconnect for emergency lighting test mode
Sensor options for all applications
  • PIR 360°
  • Adjustable PIR 360°
  • Directional Microwave
  • Microwave 360°
  • Integral PIR 360°
Key Applications
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Conference Centres
  • Hotels
  • Warehousing
  • Retail Centres

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