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Lighting Controls Simplified

An introductory look at lighting controls for various building types and populated spaces. This will help explain the jargon and expose the myths – leaving you in a better position to understand and to translate your lighting control requirements.

Buildings are required to be energy efficient and flexible whilst giving the building occupants an effective but user friendly lighting controls solution. Providing a suitable environment which matches these criteria is often complex, as the best form of lighting control is often the system the end users have very little day to day interaction with. The right solution can only be achieved by maintaining the optimum balance between daylight conditions, energy usage, operating requirements and space flexibility.

This presentation explains the elements required in the development of a system, helping you to understand how lighting controls interact with natural light in the spaces and what is required to maximise their efficiency to deliver optimal lighting conditions for occupants.

It explores the basic principles of both standalone and system wide lighting controls. It explains detection types, space categorisation, suitable technologies and the importance of final commissioning on all projects for ultimate client satisfaction.

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