MLS System Infrastructure

Infrastructure for MLS Digital includes the essential RB2000 Bus Power Supply (or RB2000LT) that synchronises and powers the bus for MLS Digital devices.

It also covers optional equipment such as Universal Bus Transceivers (which enable otherwise uncontrolled lighting and non-lighting loads to be brought into the system), Scene Control and Local Control Plates (used to give simple, localised control over a group of luminaires) and the MLS Emergency Lighting Test and System Controller (which automates and simplifies the testing of emergency lighting systems, offering comprehensive monitoring and reporting features).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

MLS Connect Digital Intelligent Lighting Control Modules

Designed to prov​ide flexible lighting control solutions that save e​nergy, time and money in a wide range of applications, these LCMs simplify installation via either pluggable or hard-wired solutions. A range of dedicated sensors includes microwave and PIR, remote and luminaire-integral options. The sensors connect to the LCM by means of an Ethernet-style RJ45 connector terminated patch lead.

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