LightSpot Range

Honeywell Ex-Or LightSpot Standalone Sensors make light work…..

Of energy savings

Our high performance lighting controls deliver reductions of up to 70% in energy use. At a time where energy costs are rising rapidly, this means significant savings on energy bills.

In comfort and productivity

We understand the changing requirements for lighting control across a broad range of applications. Our know-how helps us deliver optimum energy saving without compromising the comfort and performance of the space.

With ease

Ex-Or products are easy to install, easy to commission and easy to use. They’re flexible, and meet the changing requirements of a building through its life.​​​​


LightSpot HD sensors, which offer a host of enhanced and innovative features, now supersede some traditional LightSpot controls – click here for details.


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LightSpot sensors deliver reliable lighting control in any environment.

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LightSpot has a broad range of sensing technologies for every application:

Dual Mount Switching PIR

  • Simple, cost-effective PIR detector​
  • 3600 movement detection
  • Rapid payback
  • Ideal solution for simple retrofit
  • Optional passive photocell (inhibits switch-on if there is sufficient daylight)


  • Innovative dual mount system for either flush or surface mount applications

Silver Series PIR

High-performance, dual-circuit, programmable PIR detector

  • Ideal for offices and open-plan workstations
  • 360o movement detection
  • Programmable photocell mode
  • Dual-circuit: either switching or switching and dimming (useful where just the perimeter lights require photocell operation)
  • Available with solenoid valve for Washroom Control

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface
  • Slimline Flush

Gold Series Microwave

  • Superior performance, programmable microwave detector
  • Ideal for offices, open-plan workstations, classrooms etc
  • 360o movement detection
  • Programmable photocell mode
  • Dual-circuit versions: either switching or switching and dimming (useful where just the perimeter lights require photocell operation)
  • Single-circuit analogue output version
  • Dimming versions incorporate terminals for optional One Switch Dimming

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface

Multi-Function PIR

Offers dual control for:

  • Lighting and emergency test
  • Lighting and air conditioning
  • Lighting and water/fan
  • Two-channel lighting
  • Hi-Bay version for mounting at up to 16m height

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface

Standard Series Ultrasonic

  • High-performance, ultrasonic presence detector
  • Directionally adjustable
  • Passive photocell
  • Ideal for offices, classrooms, corridors and other medium-range applications

Mounting options:

  • Semi-flush
  • Surface

Mid Range Microwave

  • Superior performance, microwave presence detector
  • Directionally adjustable
  • 20 x 20m coverage
  • Ideal for larger classrooms, longer corridors, conference rooms, storage aisles etc
  • Either passive photocell, or regulating
  • Dimming versions incorporate terminals for optional OneSwitch Dimming
  • Infrared programmable (dimming version)

Mounting options:

  • Semi-flush
  • Surface
  • Wall mounting kit available

Long Range Microwave

Powerful, versatile microwave presence detection system

  • Ideal for sports halls, stadia, warehouses and other large areas
  • Ranges of 15m and 30m
  • Detectors and control units can be combined, or separated for more convenient electrical connection and commissioning

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface
  • Box-mounted
  • Wall mounting kit available for detectors
  • Rugged environment IP65 kit available

LightSpot Photocells

  • Two-part Switching Photocell - monitors ambient daylight, can be mounted inside or outside
  • Available with Time Clock
  • See LightSpot HD Photocells for other options

BattenFit PIR

  • Simple-to-fit control solution for batten-style luminaires
  • Infrared programmable
  • Switching and regulating versions
  • IP65 versions

Integral PIR Detector

  • Two types of small, discreet luminaire controller
  • Suitable for integration in most luminaire designs
  • Rear or side cable entry options
  • Moulded-in features to assist in mounting
  • Versions for on/off switching of fi​xed-output ballasts and for dimming analogue and digital ballasts