UltraLite Connection Centres

Connect UltraLite provides an efficient and cost-effective way to interconnect presence detectors and luminaires using industry-standard connectors.

UltraLite Lighting Connection Modules (LCMs) are available with either ten, six or four 6-pole sockets for dimmable or fixed-output luminaires.

Presence/Absence Detection

The inclusion of sensors brings energy savings and the benefits of an enhanced lit environment to any installation. There are two plug-and-play options:
  • LightSpot HD sensors – any sensor from the extensive LightSpot HD range can be connected to an UltraLite LCM using the appropriate plugged lead. All the leads are LSOH and are terminated with a 7-way Wieland GST style locking connector and LightSpot HD connections.
  • UltraLite sensors - these are supplied pre-wired for direct connection to the UltraLite LCM.
Local Switching Only - luminaires may be switched via conventional on/off switches.
OneSwitch - affords local control to the end-user whereby a simple, momentary push-to-make switch wall-switch can be used to raise or lower the lighting level or to toggle the output on/off.
Luminaire Leads - are fitted at one end with an industry-standard GST 18/6 6-pin plug for connection to the LCM. The other end is supplied stripped, ready for connection to the luminaire.
Emergency Lighting - Mains terminals are provided for the live and separate maintained live enabling testing of emergency luminaires via a key switch.

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UltraLite Connection Centres can deliver connected lighting solutions where space is limited, ​such as classrooms.​

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