Distribution and Storage

These consist mainly of racking aisles, some of which will be infrequently visited, with some facilities benefiting from natural daylight. Using occupancy and daylight control, savings as high as 70% can be achieved.

Precision Control at Height

Lighting control for warehouses needs to employ sophisticated, precision sensors capable of accommodating the needs of both forklift truck and pedestrian traffic. Sensors need to offer the sensitivity and coverage to be able to respond to both these very different targets. The height at which sensors are installed will affect the detection pattern, so sensors specifically engineered for mounting at height should be employed. (Mid-Bay LightSpot is suitable for heights of up 12m, Hi-Bay LightSpot for heights up to 16m.)

Preventing Unnecessary Switching

Whenever possible, it is preferable to have aisle lighting come on ahead of an occupant so that they move into an already lit area, rather than it switching on only as someone passes underneath. It is important, however, not to illuminate an aisle unless it is actually going to be entered. To prevent passing traffic triggering the aisle lighting, precise control of the detection zone at the end of aisles is vital. This precise control can be achieved by using sensors with a tilting lens and/or precision lens masks (available with LightSpot HD).

Daylight Dimming

Many distribution centres incorporate large roof lights providing high levels of ambient daylight. Where this is the case, photocells need to be employed to regulate and/or switch off the luminaires.

Programming from Ground Level

The ability to program the sensors from ground level using an infrared remote control significantly reduces commissioning and re-commissioning time costs and eliminates any health and safety risks associated with working at height.

Key Considerations and Application Notes

  • Accommodating the needs of both forklift trucks and pedestrians.
  • Height at which sensors are to be mounted.
  • Illuminating aisles ahead of occupants so that they move into an already lit area.
  • Ensuring that aisle lighting is not triggered by passing traffic.
  • Photocells to regulate or switch off luminaires when there is sufficient ambient light.


LightSpot HD features tilting lenses and precision lens masks to prevent unnecessary switching.​

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Mid-Bay and Hi-Bay sensors deliver the perfect Warehouse solution.​

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