LightSpot HD PIR Lighting Control Sensors

LightSpot HD sensors, which offer a host of enhanced and innovative features, now supersede some traditional LightSpot controls. Click here for a table of equivalents.

LightSpot HD makes light work of energy savings
High definition lenses, performance optics and software work together to provide class leading sensitivity and precise occupancy detection. Furthermore, access to feedback from the sensors gives actual in-use information on which to base energy-saving decisions and fine tune operation.
Low quiescent power
LightSpot HD delivers industry leading levels of quiescent power consumption as low as 150mW, helping you achieve the highest possible energy savings.
High accuracy lens masks
Fully customisable lens masks allow for highly defined detection areas. Virtual corridors can be easily created so that passing traffic doesn’t unnecessarily trigger sensors.


Advanced data logging functionality enables customers to enhance energy savings through the easier access to more detailed luminaire usage, allowing optimisation of the system for greater user comfort.

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LightSpot HD makes light work of comfort & productivity
Range of mounting heights
Whatever the application, LightSpot HD ensures that the right level of lighting is provided in the right place at the right time. Large open warehouses with high ceilings mean high energy costs. Ex-Or’s LightSpot HD range includes sensors that are optimised for peak performance in these spaces.
IR Control devices
Using the simple yet powerful infra-red handheld QuickControl the user can easily set the optimum light level for the current task. Functions include: simple on and off, raise and lower and scene recall.
LightSpot HD makes light work with ease
Lens tilting
Tilting lenses enable the precise area of sensing to be adjusted as required to provide the optimum coverage and provide flexibility when building layout or use of a space changes.
QuickSet Pro – 2 Way IR commissioning tool
Commissioning is simple, Just point and programme – no ladders required.

Simple installation​

Pluggable colour coded connectors make it easy to see what goes where and helps eliminate wiring errors.

Sensors will automatically operate in absence mode when a switch input is detected.​

LightSpot HD makes light work wit​h quality
All LightSpot HD products are manufactured in the UK to six-sigma quality standards and every product is tested on the line before being shipped to our customers.
LightSpot HD products are covered by a 5 year warranty.
For 30 years our bright ideas have been helping customers make light work

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