Yes: LS1000R Dual Mount Sensor, MS1500P Standard (Ultrasonic) Series LightSpot and also the Long Range LightSpot Detectors LR15 and LR30.
The retro-fit adaptor (RTRADP) will convert the 89mm hole size to one suitable for LightSpot HD.
There is an information sheet (AN4034) - Click here to download.
200 MLS devices on each RB2000. (Please note that this is reduced to 100 MLS devices when using the ‘Lite’ version RB2000LT.)
This can be updated by installing the desktop application found by connecting the programmer to an internet connected PC and browsing My Computer to the QuickSet Pro which appears as a drive location.
Visit the website www.ir-programmer.com and install the 5mb installer file containing the desktop application.
Using the QuickSet Pro, this can be done via the Download page. Using the HP2000, this can be done via special parameters (call Technical Sales for guidance on accessing these).
Note that LightSpot HD Dimming PIR Sensors automatically detect DALI and DSI digital dimming ballasts.
Click here for a table of equivalents and summary of the benefits of new LightSpot HD.
The QuickAnalytics feature (available via the QuickSet Pro with the majority of LightSpot HD sensors) provides data on sensor activity. Data can be used to verify that the system has been installed and commissioned to deliver the energy savings that you need and to identify opportunities for enhanced energy savings by monitoring lighting usage, ambient light levels and room occupancy. Click here for more details.
BattenFit LightSpot: MSB1001T, MSB1001PT (with photocell), MSB1001DT (for DSI ballasts) and MSB1001DALIT (for DALI ballasts) are all IP65 rated.

There are also IP55 rated sensors – LS3100RIP or, for outside use, L330.
  • CPW6 for CDW12U5, CDW10U5, CDW10U52L, CDW8U2, CDW8U2UL6*, CDW10U2UL & CDW1U1 (dimming).
  • CPWL6 (with locking shroud) for CDW12U5 & CDW10U2UL.
  • CPW4 – CDW8U2UL4* & CDW1U1 (switching).
  • CDWIP (5 pack) for CDW12U5.
  • CDHIP (5 pack) for CDH8U5 and CDH4U5.
  • CTB92084231902 for CDW10U5.
A flexible stranded cable is most suited as a non-stranded cat5 can often break and delay the commissioning procedure.
1500m Ring Circuit.
99 x RB2000 Units.
There is no direct replacement but the LightSpot Washroom Series sensors (UC1201P or US1221P) include a solenoid valve and are now mains rated only.
UK Cables: Sensalink MLS
Batt Cables: 91484
Belden: 8473
FS Cable: 1401PUYH
Belden: 9502
There is not a single document that captures this information but individual product installation instructions contain information on the relevant parameters. These instructions need to be referred to for commissioning.
All sensor wiring diagrams can be found by searching for individual products and downloading the relevant installation instructions.
The LS1000R LightSpot Dual Mount Sensor is our simplest product. It is a switching PIR sensor with photocell and adjustable time delay (5 secs to 15 mins).

The LS3100R is a professional grade switching PIR sensor which offers further time delay options (adjustable from 5 secs to infinity) and the choice of absence or presence mode. Mid-Bay and Hi-Bay versions for mounting at up to 12m and 16m respectively are available.

For regulating ballasts, the LS3200 range offers dimming PIR sensors for DSI/DALI and Analogue 1-10V ballasts. These too are available in Mid-Bay and Hi-Bay versions.

Only the MLS2000CDR.
MLS3000CDR(PIR) orMLS3003CDR(PIR with tilting lens)
MLS3003CDRMB (Mid-Bay PIR for mounting at a height of up to 12m)
MLS3003CDRHB(Hi-Bay PIR for mounting at up to 16m)
MLS2401CDR(360o microwave)
MLS2500CDR(directional microwave)
MLSM2002CDR(requires DHS or DHW detector head)
This is available on the majority of LightSpot HD sensors (excluding only the basic LS3100 and LS3000D ranges). It requires a QuickSet Pro 2-Way Programming Tool to access the data logs.
The units are graded according to four variations in operating frequency. Each type can be identified by the colour coding on the sensor label and carton. For reliable operation it is essential that units of the same colour code do not occupy adjacent positions in open-plan areas or in adjacent rooms. (See installation instructions for MS2421P, MS2421A, MLS2421D or MLS2421A for an illustration of how to position the colours.)

An order for a number of Gold Series sensors would be sent out with an appropriate mix of colours. If replacing an existing sensor, one of the same colour would probably need to be ordered using the suffixes B, Y, G or R for blue, yellow, green or red.