Case Studies

Ex-Or making light work in new-build office developments

Prestigious new-build office developments deserve the best interior lighting.

Lighting management and control systems ensure that optimum levels of light are delivered for a productive working environment at the same time as minimising the use of expensive energy. It also ensures compliance with legislation.
Lighting control systems from Ex-Or were installed throughout a landmark three-storey office building in Burgess Hill, near Brighton. The prestigious building has recently been occupied by an international pharmaceuticals company which is using it as its UK headquarters. The company is making significant savings on its energy bills as automatic lighting control ensures the lights come on only when needed.

“Financial institutions cutting their energy bills”

The Ex-Or MLS Digital Managed Lighting System is cutting the energy bills for companies working within an office building in Guernsey. Financial institutions, including the Butterfield Bank (Guernsey) Ltd, accountants Deloitte Touche, and accountants Walbrook are operating out of Regency Court, the prestigious newbuild four-storey building where an extensive fit-out has recently been completed.
To ensure the lights remain on only when needed, and the amount of light is automatically set at optimum levels for occupants, building services contractors Lorne Stewart plc specified Ex-Or systems throughout the large open-plan areas and cellular offices on all four floors.
Energy cost saving was the main reason for the installation of Ex-Or lighting management systems. Whilst the cost-saving benefits of cutting energy use are appreciated by the financial institutions within the building, they are taking advantage of other benefits also provided by lighting management.
A suitably lit working environment ensures the comfort of occupants who work more contentedly, and productively. Furthermore, lighting management ensures compliance with health & safety and lighting regulations including current VDU regulations and CIBSE guidelines.

“Ex-Or systems throughout Health & Safety Executive HQ”

Managed lighting systems from Ex-Or have been installed throughout the prestigious newbuild £55 million Health and Safety Executive headquarters building at Bootle, Merseyside.
The lighting in all the open-plan areas, cellular offices and other working areas in the 23,000 m2 four-storey building is now controlled by the Ex-Or MLS Digital Managed Lighting System. In addition, Ex-Or's scene-setting and dimming system SceneSelect II is operating in the building's main conference and training areas.

“Full use made of natural light”

The building occupiers' concern for making the maximum energy savings was the main reason for the installation of the Ex-Or lighting management systems. An important part of the brief was to utilise to the full the natural light afforded by the design of the building.
Lighting management from Ex-Or was specified for the flagship headquarters building of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) in Milton Keynes. The building was designed around the principles of accessibility, low energy consumption and use of renewable energy, in which lighting played an important part.
Ex-Or's lighting management and scene-setting systems were chosen to ensure no energy will be wasted through unnecessary use of lighting, and also to make certain that optimum levels of light will be delivered automatically.
Paul Smith, SIA executive director, said: “This state-of-the-art facility meets our requirements for a building that is fully accessible and highly environmentally friendly. One day, all buildings will be built with these features.”