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Designed to save energy, time and money..

DALI64 is a fully featured DALI lighting control system embedded within a best in class LightSpot HD sensor. Ideal in modern work spaces with open soffits and areas needing discrete fittings. A simple implementation of a powerful DALI addressable system.


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Making light work for comfort and productivity

  • Sophisticated DALI addressable functionality
  • Enable human centric lighting control to match circadian rhythms when connected to Building Energy Management System (BEMS).
  • Colour temperature of white light can be set to any value - from warm white to daylight
  • Partitioning mode - ideal for flexible use spaces
  • Simple mapping of detectors, switches and luminaires

Making light work with ease

  • Achieve optimal energy savings through occupancy detection and daylight detection
  • Convert ‘push to make’ switches into DALI addressable switches using the DALI Switch Input Module. Providing up to 4 individual switch push functions that can be independently programmed
  • Bluetooth commissioning via a smart device and wireless switching.
  • Quicker and simpler programming of sophisticated lighting control schemes
  • Eliminates the typical complexity and high maintenance costs often associated with traditional DALI systems

Making light work with quality

  • Best in class movement sensitivity, detection range and light regulation is achieved by using the proven LightSpot HD PIR sensor.
  • Bluetooth switching (DALI64 only) enable wireless, battery-less control
  • Greater flexibility as settings can be ‘soft’ adjusted without major disruption
  • DALI64 delivers cost-effective control of up to 64 DALI luminaires

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