New 6-way & 4-way Connect UltraLite LCMs

Jun 08, 2016

There are two new additions to the popular UltraLite range, Ex-Or’s economical solution for the connection of dimmable or fixed-output luminaires to either presence/absence detectors or conventional switches. UltraLite LCMs are now available in three versions: As well as the existing 10-way version, there are now 6-way and 4-way versions (CDW6U1UL and CDW4U1UL respectively).

The plug-in technology remains the same and is simplicity itself. UltraLite connectors employ a unique “dual-latching” system providing safe and secure connections preventing improper installation that could result in loose or overheated connections. The whole installation process is accelerated, cutting contract times and allowing buildings to be occupied within a shorter time-frame.

These are not the only benefits though. With the addition of sensors for presence/absence detection, substantial energy savings can be achieved. Any sensor from the extensive LightSpot HD range can be connected to the LCM using the appropriate UltraLite HD plugged lead. The leads are terminated at one end with a 7-way Wieland GST style locking connector, the other end has the relevant LightSpot HD pluggable, colour-coded connections. All the cables are LSOH and are available in varying lengths for switching, dimming, switching and dimming, and the QuickLink bus. Alternatively, there is a range of UltraLite Sensors, pre-wired for direct connection to UltraLite connection centre.

More options, ease of installation and the energy savings delivered by LightSpot sensors – Connect UltraLite, more than ever, makes light work.