Ex-Or creates room for manoeuvre with its DALI lighting control system

Nov 17, 2017

Ex-Or by Honeywell, the leading global manufacturer of lighting control solutions, has announced the availability of its DALI in a Room addressable lighting control system. Designed to give end users total control of their lighting by enhancing the lit space and lowering energy usage, it has been developed as an in-room solution that offers sophisticated addressable functionality without the usual complexity and maintenance issues often associated with other DALI systems.

DALI stands for digital addressable lighting interface and is an open protocol set out in IEC 62386. Over the course of the last decade it has cemented its position as the foremost standard for professional digital lighting and lighting control systems, with key features including its ability to interoperate with a range of system components. A DALI lighting control system assigns an address to each luminaire, allowing management of individual devices, and can be as simple as a single luminaire containing a driver and a sensor.

Luminaires can be integrated within Ex-Or’s DALI in a Room system to create up to 16 different programmable scenes. It offers end users across a diverse range of vertical sectors the opportunity to monitor and maintain light levels, improve working environments, make use of daylight harvesting, create different moods and enhance comfort conditions. With lighting being the second largest consumer of energy in a building, accounting for 19 per cent of total expenditure, DALI in a Room can help to cut that figure by up to 70 per cent and yield a payback in less than one year.

DALI in a Room is quick to install, as Ex-Or’s lighting control application technology is integrated within the passive infrared (PIR) sensor – making wiring easy and reducing the amount of hardware required. It provides up to 16 luminaire addresses via a 2-core network cable and three sensors per system can be fitted, reducing the need for additional hardware controllers.

Commissioning is also made simple with the company’s QuickSet Pro handheld two-way infrared programmer and the master controller sensor provides 60mA of power to the DALI network. In the event that a room is extended, its configuration changed or greater detection footprint required, it is possible to connect up to two additional sensors to the system and even convert normal ‘push to make’ switches into DALI addressable switches by using the Ex-Or DALI Switch Input Module.

‘Ex-Or has been creating award winning lighting control systems since 1984 and DALI in a Room represents the latest in a long line of innovative solutions that offer best in class sensitivity and detection,’ concluded Nathan Cole, global product manager at Ex-Or by Honeywell. ‘By using DALI’s ability to improve energy efficiency and create modern, comfortable and productive workspaces, DALI in a Room offers organisations a way to use lighting in new and exciting ways and, just as importantly, avoid the time, costs and hassle associated with more complex systems.’