DLS DALI Connect

DLS Connect is a fully featured DALI lighting control system embedded within a best in class LightSpot HD sensor. Ideal in modern work spaces with open soffits and areas needing discrete fittings. A simple implementation of a powerful DALI addressable system.


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Making light work for comfort and productivity

Sophisticated DALI addressable functionality without the typical complexity and high maintenance costs often associated with traditional DALI systems.
Create comfortable productive spaces by the simple programming and recalling of up to 16 different lighting scenes and groups.

Enable human centric lighting control to match circadian rhythms when connected to Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Colour temperature of white light can be set to any value - from warm white to daylight.
Convert ‘push to make’ switches into DALI addressable switches using the DALI Switch Input Module. Providing up to 4 individual switch push functions that can be independently programmed to perform a variety of functions on any of the groups, e.g. OnsSwitch, dim, scene recall, etc

Making light work with ease

DALI16 provides up to 16 DALI luminaire addresses for simple and quick commissioning with the QuickSet Pro handheld infrared programmer. Pre-programmed popular room templates available in QuickSet Pro can make commissioning even faster.

DALI64 has all the benefits of DALI16 with the additional features of up to 64 luminaires addresses, Bluetooth commissioning via a smart device and wireless switching. DALI64 delivers cost-effective control of up to 64 DALI luminaires.
Local implementation of a feature-rich DALI lighting control system all integrated into a LightSpot HD PIR sensor.

Making light work with quality

Best in class movement sensitivity, detection range and light regulation is achieved by using the proven LightSpot HD PIR sensor.

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