Benefits of Lighting Controls

The benefits of our lighting controls

Our lighting controls form part of Honeywell’s energy efficiency portfolio of products for the built environment.

Honeywell’s range of products is ​​​designed to work together – so you can have confidence when you use lighting, HVAC and other Honeywell products and systems. For example, sensors that control lighting could also help to manage air conditioning and heating systems when linked to a building management system.

Lighting is the second largest consumer of energy in a building. Our solutions maximise the efficiency of lighting systems, without compromising the comfort and performance of the space, or the broader ecosystem of a building.

So, when you’re thinking about ways to increase the energy efficiency of a building, it’s important to consider the controls you’ll need to put in place to make it all work together. Ex-Or’s lighting controls, combined with LED lighting, can offer the greatest potential energy savings for your lighting − up to 90% in some applications. ​​​​​​​​